Meet The Visual Artists

Claire Worrall

I am Claire Worrall, a multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in London, Ontario Canada. In 2020, I completed my last year at the Beal Art program in London with Ontario Scholars and the Bernice VIncent Award, and I am currently working independently on my studies. I have always identified as an artist and use expression as a means of creation. Whether I’m painting, or making music through my computer, my desire to watch my visions come to life is what drives me. I usually begin a piece with a feeling or setting in mind.  I allow it to unfold in front of me, as I experiment with the art. Having my first solo show in 2019, since then, I have been creating and developing new pieces to represent my journey.      As I create, I hope to inspire others to be their authentic self. I see art as a way of life, as it helps connect us and push the limits of what we imagine possible. Through art we can expand our visions and grow to become the best version of ourselves.     Connect with Claire Worrall on Instagram. website 

Fero An Zuza Baski


A Canadian artist Fero An Zuza Baski was born in Poland.


At The University of Western Ontario (UWO), she received Diplomas: BA in Visual Arts B.Sc (Science) and Organic Chemistry.

In Poland she studied at Cultural University in Tarnow, and Fashion Design School in Rzeszow.


As a child, she travelled around Europe to France, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Greece & the Greek Islands. When she grew up, she moved to Canada, to reside in the city of London. From there she continued her travels to Winnipeg, Vancouver & Victoria Island, Edmonton, Quebec, Montreal and Toronto. On many occasions she travels to the USA to visit her family in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida & Las Vegas. For pleasure she travels to Cuba and Mexico, continuing to expand her view of the world. Recently she spends a lot of time fishing from a boat on Lake Huron, swimming and sun tanning. 


Fero An Zuza B. is swift with computer programs, excellent in drawing perspective, landscape, architecture, human figure, nature, water and flora. She is fantastic in painting oil on canvas, watercolours on paper, acrylic on wood, pastels on paper, markers on mixed media. She has done sculptures with clay and limestone. Her large sized paintings were influenced & completed in the style of Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Salvador Dali and St Ives. 

While her creativity as an artist is tapping to her talents from champions, Fero An’s art is developed with emotions: reaching to autonomic aura of constructive influence. 

Studying philosophers in fields of physics, mathematics, philosophy, psychoanalysis & biology; she applied their theory to artistic themes on canvas. 

She developed her own  style of painting with a unique aura of emotions from that constructive influence. In Architecture styled paintings she applies Issac Newton’s theory of Gravity from his book of Principia and theory of light and colour: that white light was a composite of all colours of the spectrum, and that light was composed of particles (applies the opposite visual in use of paints). In abstract paintings she applies Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity that could also be extended to gravitational fields, referencing his published paper on general relativity. In her figure and nature paintings she is applying René Descartes philosophical view from Passions of the Soul an early modern treaty of emotions, referring to the statement: “I think therefore I am” (French: Je pense, donc je suis; Latin: Ego cogito, ergo sum). In her figure and abstract paintings she is applying psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud where the parents are the envelope of children’s behaviour. Applying his Electra and Oedipus complex of primal id and realistic ego where the super-ego is formed as moral authority. 


Fero An Zuza B. Is presently working in the medical field of natural healing and rejuvenation from inside & outside while patenting organic supplements & skin products. She is constructively supporting children and mature friends and customers, and she is supporting her family in many uplifting ways. In her free time she is devoting her mind to creating influential paintings.


My name is Ilona Burghardt and I was born in London, Ontario. 

I attended at the University of Western Ontario, and the Ontario College of Art. 

      I started drawing when I was very young and have always been attracted to painting, and the world of visual art. 

 To me, the process of creation is such a spiritual experience; and the sources of inspiration endless. The materials deserve the utmost respect- the intensity of a shade of blue, the energy of a brush stroke, the juxtaposition of two colours on a canvas.  I find it fascinating how light transforms the natural world, and have been influenced by the Fauvists, Group of Seven and the Impressionists.  I work predominantly in oils and soft pastels.  A large part of my inspiration comes from the beauty and wildness of nature; the order and the chaos. The ability to express a feeling or thought in a visual language of colour and form is so rewarding and challenging at the same time.  There are limitless possibilities once I put brush to canvas, and there is always something to be learned and taken away from each piece of art that I create.  

     I paint landscapes, urban scenes, portraits, and am open to any kind of commission that someone might ask for. 

      I am a member of the Gallery Painting Group that focusses on plein air painting, and am also a member of the Lambeth Art Association. I am a member of the Square Pegs, and an associate artist at the Art Bank in London, Ontario, and also have works displayed at Art With Panache. 


Amsa Yaro

Brianna Montepeque

Brianna Montepeque a 19 year old emerging artist who was born and grew up in London, Ontario. She took an interest in art from an early age and her love for it grew.

Her focus in the studio is Lithography and Ceramics, but she also uses mediums such as paint, pencil, colored pencil crayons, watercolor and ink pens.Her work explores her connections to life, nature, self-growth and reflecting on her relationships with others in the past, present and future.

When She is not working away in the studio she sketches her surroundings, she often sketches during bus rides or bus stops to practice drawing faces. 

Brianna has completed a Special High Skills Major in Art at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School and is completing a two year art program at H.B Beal Secondary school. She has also assisted in teaching and taught art therapy classes and also ceramic classes at London’s Hutton House. She has participated in art shows such as H.B Beals end of the year shows and Simple Reflections hosted in the middle of downtown london

G. Harley Salamanca

Kinga Kaminski

Born and raised in Poland, Kinga immigrated to Canada with her family at the age of 17.
She has always been interested in various forms of art. Her main influences are impressionism and abstract. She draws much influence from her extensive travels and nature.
Her favourite media include acrylics, gels, oil pastels and materials found in nature such as wood and sand. Her favourite subject is water.
When she is not in her studio, Kinga can be found creating in her back yard under the canopy of trees or taking in the beauty of nature on her front porch swing.
Kinga is also an experienced Interior Decorator. Her work can be seen in such places as Elmhurst, Idlewyld, Dermacare and countless residences throughout south western Ontario.

Matilde Moya

Matilde Moya originally from Nicaragua, and arriving to Canada at a teenager age of 13,   to Regina Saskatchewan where I finished high school.  Went to university for a year and discovered that science was not my thing, I was a natural artist, loved art but didn’t know it yet until receiving a grade 12 award on arts that had my eyebrow raising, not realizing then but realizing now that I love arts!  My forever hobbies have been dancing,  and become a instructor at one point  of the  art of belly dance.  Now I love to paint!  I mostly use acrylics, sometimes oils and on and off like to draw a bit.  I become a professional hairstylist 21 years ago and if you think about it, that to me still art, you have a canvas(head) and you need to be artistic by adding colours.  Absolutely love art in all types of forms and get inspire by others as well.

Matilde instagram

Dawn Siddall


Dawn Siddall is a self-taught artist from rural North Middlesex Ontario.
Her favourite medium is Alcohol ink, she also plays with Acrylic and Watercolour.
Living in rural Ontario has inspired her art.
Dawn Siddall started in ceramics in the nineties and got into painting on canvas and paint panels in 2018. 

Dawn Siddall’s website, Facebook, instagram

Gabriela Bacara

I have been passionate about drawing and painting since childhood. My teachers were always pleased with my artwork and encouraged me to continue. After graduating from the school of Popular Arts from Romania, I started doing oil paintings. In Canada, I developed a taste for acrylic paintings, and have since self-taught myself acrylic techniques. 

 I am passionate about nature and landscapes and have started to exhibit my work since 2015 in London Ontario. I am equally as passionate about abstract work. 

 Recently, in 2020 I also discovered a passion for oil pastels and I am happy to alternatively  be able to express my emotions through these colors and techniques. 

 For any specific inquiries or orders, you can contact me at You can also check my artwork on Instagram, Facebook page

Michelle Ellis

Michelle Ellis currently resides in London Ontario where she was born and raised. 
The primary influence on Michelle’s work is the human experience and both the power and beauty of its struggles. She has been greatly influenced by the work of symbolists and expressionists and strives to create a current version of these genres. 

“I believe that art should create an intimate experience for the viewer. Art in all forms is an ideal vehicle to create awareness of a subject or to enlighten people to a greater understanding of others. Experiencing the mind of an artist when it has taken a physical form allows the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.
For the artist, it is a highly personal process to turn their thoughts and expressions into something tangible to be shared with others.
An intimate experience is created when the viewer looks through the eyes of the artist’s personal experience and understanding of the world. The entire process is beautiful and unique to each person.
In my work, I hope to create awareness of human subjects that deserve greater attention.”

Jair Garay

Jair is a natural talent, who initially developed his techniques by simply drawing. Using coloured pencils mixed with markers, his early works are bright and vibrant. Later as a young teenager, he studied three years of technical drawing which helped him hone his skills, learning to use professional tools and apply new techniques.
Since immigrating to Canada at the age of 20, Jair has continued to create and share his love of both painting and music, making art an integral part of his life. His projects have included painting for plays, creating a series of acrylic paintings as a fundraiser for his church, and creating a 4ft by 8ft painting for a White Oaks Secondary School graduation, to name a few.
He is an ambitious painter who is happy to be working towards an exhibit that will be open in early spring.
His dream?
To travel the world, sharing his passion for painting and music, and to dedicate his life to creating art.
“I want to leave something behind in this world so that long after I’m gone, people can still see the beautiful world the way that I do, leaving my thoughts on canvas for centuries to come.” Website
Selma was born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her successful artwork experiences are in the field of fashion design and textile art. She was awarded for many collections. Her pieces are inspired by everyday life and the culture she was raised in. The highlights of her career involved working as a  fashion designer for the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo 1984.

Gregory Kahnert

Gregory Kahnert

Born in Toronto, Ontario, settling in London in 2004, Gregory Kahnert has become a prominent figure in the Forest City’s ever-growing list of business innovators. Unsatisfied with his roles in the corporate sector, Greg struck out and returned his entrepreneurial roots bringing his talent for fostering relationships to London’s community of trendsetters. Previously making waves in Toronto’s fashion industry with his own clothing label, Greg turned to interiors by creating the niche Hairpin Legs Canada and Wood On Steel. The latter focusing on custom live edge wood furnishings and custom tables. 
 Not to be one to sit on the hands of success, Gregory then took on the role of partner and strategic catalyst to the now-famous Whistling Dick”s Barbershop. A circa 1930’s time machine experience that happens to offer a second to none haircut. If this weren’t spectacle enough, Greg and partner turned the space behind the titular barbershop into The Mockingbird, a speakeasy cocktail bar inspired by the same era that you can enter through the cabinet at the back wall of the barbershop. The combination has transcended their original business definitions and is now considered something of a tourist attraction in London’s Old East Village. 
 Greg’s flair for business is fed by his other passions including photography, film, and event promotions. In many circles, Greg has earned the moniker of “The Dot Connector” for his reputation of bringing ideas and people together.

Shane Wilcox

Greetings!!! My name is Shane Wilcox.
I’m a multi-talented, professional Artist in London, Canada.
Some of my specialties include custom murals, high detail portraiture, and visionary landscapes.
While a lot of my Art is in private collections. One of my biggest public pieces so far, is a 50ft. Anamorphic cafe inside of The London International Airport.
I like to create with a wide variety of tools & mediums, on many different surfaces. Using colour combinations that shift with the viewer’s perspective, in changing light.
Even though projects and styles may vary. What I’m passionate about remains the same. Being an Environmental & Animal rights advocate.
This has always been a major influence in my work. A lot of my pieces are meant to plant important seeds of thought and hopefully inspire positive changes within. Which also encourages my growth into being a better person along this shared journey too.
With my Life partner, Kimberly. We run an independent small Art business together,
called ‘Studio SHIM’. Offering a wide range of Canadian made-to-order, slow Fashion accessories and Home decor. All based on our original designs.
I’m also a proud member of the London Arts Council. Which really means a lot for me to be involved in our local Community. Helping out with collaborations that beautify and build stronger connections.
If You would like to know more about me, check out any of my works, or seriously inquire about potential commissions. Please feel free to visit my website and get in touch.

Catherine Eichstedt uses a free, loose, bold style to express what she finds inspiring. She paints outdoors or in her studio with still life or using her imagination. Her approach is a combination of expressionism with a painterly style. At times, she uses some abstraction. She has been drawing and painting from childhood and studied at the U of T, majoring in Fine Arts Studio.

Each summer for the past 12 years, Catherine has studied at the Haliburton School of Arts with recognized Canadian artists. She has won many awards in Toronto and London.

Curios about her artwork? 🧐

Come join this free event on Convent Garden Market, June 21 2021!  Website

Christopher Murray

The London Area Wildlife Network was a vision brought to life by Wildlife enthusiast Christopher Murray who simply saw an opportunity to start sharing the birds, animals, insects, fish, and reptiles living in London’s nature rich Forest City.

As an amateur wildlife photographer Christopher felt that bringing people together and closer to Nature would create something positive to focus on in 2020 with all of the uncertainty and change everyone was feeling and experiencing.

The network started in April 2020 as a Facebook group called London Amateur Wildlife Nature and was later renamed London Area Wildlife Network to better represent the purpose for the group. The mission was and still is to provide a place for Londoner’s and those in the surrounding towns and cities with a place to share their passion for the local wildlife and nature they experience and enjoy every day.

With a focus on staying at home for periods of time throughout the pandemic lots of emphasis has been placed on loving where you live, and many posts have revolved around creating a forest around your home that invites the creatures that bring us comfort. The correlation between being outdoors and experiencing the connection that human beings have with nature is an activity that supports both mental and physical wellbeing.  When we couple the positive advantages of social media with people who are passionate about nature we can stay connected with a positive and healthy activity. 

As an amateur photographer with a passion for moments in nature Christopher Murray called the network L.A.W.N. When the group started we were all suppose to stay at home but could still enjoy our front and back lawn during the social distancing. We stayed connected through social media and then started to connect on the local trails surrounding our famous Thames River which is home to an endless amount of animals, fish, birds, insects, and reptiles which are all showcased on the London Area Wildlife Network’s gallery thanks to all of our members. 

 Christopher continues to share his passion with a growing membership of over 600 local wildlife photographers and nature fans on Facebook through everyone’s photography at our homes and on the trails. He is the Founder and Chief Administrator for the group ensuring the members can belong to something that is fun, informative, and family friendly. 

Christopher would like to extend his gratitude to the local businesses that have supported L.A.W.N. He would like to acknowledge his appreciation to Hoskin Feed & Country Store, Indigo Books, XTR Fuels & Westside Variety, Jason Gems, and Knottypine Wood Turning for all of their sponsorship. These local businesses have recognized the value of the London Area Wildlife Network’s vision and have provided prizes to award to our members for monthly and yearly contests. A special thanks to Morgan Woods for designing and building me a sign for my home which is also known as L.A.W.N. Headquarters. 

Thanks to all of this support the group has been able to run without a budget and is free to all members.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you!

It’s in our Nature.

Karissa Hill

My name is Karissa Hill, I am a reflexologist and artist. In my practice I guide the body through physical touch, guiding the nervous system through the roots of the feet. And through guided mediation to balance and ground the mind.
Through my art I explore the subconscious mind, the intricate and obtuse nature of habits we all form. Addictions and substances that can break down the body. And how can we build them back up in a beautiful way. Addiction and attachment to form are all about connection.
In this show I explore cigarette ashes. Taking a spin on how ‘sitting’ is seen as the new ‘smoking’. It was very fitting to have a room full of dancers while I rebirth from the ashes the body once again. 
Each time I make a piece with the ashes I try to give thanks to the person who received these toxic blend of materials. I hope the smoke gave their body some release and destress. Without judgement I take the material from their release and transmute it. Knowing and trusting the lungs naturally know how to detox and let go. 
I believe we are all just trying to find a place of peace. Coming home to our heart, the walls that is our skin, the ceiling that is the mind and floor that is our feet. I think art can be that healing centre, that warm blanket that comforts the walls of our home. Reminds us the breath, take in the air and the energy around us that our heart can then nourish every cell of our body. Oxygen is all we need, we just need a reminder to breath to allow the heart to heat and heal. I hope my art makes people stop and breath. Find something comforting within, that they can let go and transform. 
Karissa Hill, London Ontario artist. I am fascinated with all things sensory. How the subconscious mind keeps us safe through fear. Exploring materials that break down the body or involve fear. How we are all seeking comfort and even materials or acts that are labeled bad can be healthy based on the experience, time, and consumption – but it is all broken down to expression and perspective. Since the body is always growing and transforming. We can learn to let go, create space. A home seems empty without art, it is a space that feels vulnerable. It is vulnerable to us to admire we need something to fill a void within the walls of our body. How can we express them outside the body and build them back up in a beautiful way when they have become heavy within. So we can create new space for something inside to birth to repeat the cycle. 

What made you choose art? Every artist has a similar story of how they grew up drawing, or being creative. We are all artists and birthing an expression with material is more natural when words feel forced. It is a way to leave a mark or impression that allows space. That space is healing for both artist and viewer. 

 When did they start their professional career? 2015 after graduating undergrad I would say thats when my professional career as an artist took off. Expanding into the world through set design and applying art skills to life and other jobs. 

 Tell us about a memorable moment in the group? Creating a mural for my high school program. It was the first experience I had creating an image and then letting go of the outcome and sharing the creative process with others. Even others who were not exposed or experienced in art or painting. It added a level of give and take that was an amazing space to share. The face it still stands in the halls were learning takes place is powerful, a reminder that every person and subject has their creativity. Much like every substance has their polars, we can always shift our perspective and transform a substance. 
 How would you like people to enjoy your art? I would like my art to be healing. To allow fear to be replaced with beauty. To remind us that all material, all forms in life are all at different frequencies and levels. What is consumed will be let go and transformed in some way. I hope it gives them a space to remember to breath. Trust that their body knows how to cycle and recycle with the space around them. If they simply find the shape, it is okay to transform and it is okay for beauty. It is in beauty that we can appreciate the darkness, or heavy materials of life and learn to digest, and building them back up.

Tell us a little bit of your backgroundWhat age did you start making art/music?
I believe I started drawing around grade 3 or 4. Dancing came to me around grade 6. I always had a natural talent for dance, but never had to confidence or trust in my body. I cared art throughout university, and I think it was difficult and burnt me out not having a physical outlet link dance along side of it. This year I have been allowing my body and soul to express in both the physical space with dance and material of art. It is a beautiful process I am excited to keep expanding. 

 What do you enjoy the most about art/music?
The way it helps connect people. How you can feel so in your head, yet once the piece whether it is dance, art or music. It will always find someone, something or some place where it resonates. That alone is true love, expression of vulnerability. It was so amazing to have all three forms of art in the same space, I felt truly at home during that moment.