Meet The Dancers

Sandy Cavaco is a London born choreographer, and dance and fitness instructor, who trained with the Beal Arts program in London. She shares the philosophy that dance movement is a human natural form not to be watched, but to actively take part in in order to maintain physical and mental health. Starting out with her dance ensamble ‘Motion 4’ at the beginning of her journey, and now running various choreographed pieces, specifically designed for dance and fitness purposes. Her stylistic approach uses Reggaeton Roots, and amalgamates into other Latin and urban movements throughout her choreography. Other styles you may see in her work include big band swing, early hip-hop and contemporary dance.  Sandy is the creator of AbunDance, ResisDance and The Gloss classes, which highlight the importance of dance for fitness, as well as for mental health.



Richard’s passion for dance, videography, and cool light effects have contributed greatly to our local dance community.

“It started with my first camera when I was a child, editing directly on VHS tapes… I used videos in middle school as an alternative for presentations. A couple projects in high school led to being chosen by the school board for a 3D animation camp hosted by Loyalist College.

Having done that, I took their full 3 year program after high school. This resulted in me moving to London for an internship working on 3D related projects at the Museum. During that internship, I was introduced to the Arduino, and the job that followed was a kick start supporter of the early Oculus Dev Kit, which got me into virtual reality (VR). 

“Stumbling” into dance (no pun intended) got me more connected to people in the community and really opened up my world. After about a year of dancing, I started recording my dance experiences and created videos reflecting on fun events and memories.

Fernando Benevides

Fernando Benevides of Latin Passion Dance Academy is excited to be a part of the 2020 Simple Reflection for Artists!

Fernando started Latin dancing 28 years ago, competed extensively in the early 90s, and won first place in a Canada competition.
For these many years, Salsa has been a passion, and Fernando sought out training from Giovani Torres and many others like him. Fernando continuously improves his style and technique through workshops and from his own choreography. 

Fernando recently moved from Brampton to London and is looking forward to meeting everyone, and getting to know the Latin dance scene locally.
At the Simple Reflection for Artists event, Fernando will be showcasing the social dancing side of salsa and bachata moves. He will be assisted by his partner Anna Marie Apau for bachata, as well as Sabrina Pinarello for Cuban style salsa.


Luna is a professional Bellydancer and recently opened her own studio, called Rising Moon Bellydance. She started training in bellydance 17 years ago with Sai’da in London, ON. 
She has also studied with international and Canadian instructors including Aziza, Rachel Brice, Joharah and more recently with Yasmina Ramzy of Toronto. 

She teaches and performs different styles within Middle Eastern dancing as well as Latin fusions including salsa and flamenco. She is the Artistic Director of the Rising Moon Bellydance Student and Semi-professional performing troupes. Bellydance is a beautiful art and her passion. Luna believes it is something everyone should experience. Website